Oil Change and Vehicle Service


OK.  There's tons of places to get your oil change.  But, when you pay someone for an oil change, that's exactly what you get, an oil change.


If you're like most drivers, you'll go about three months between oil changes.  But a lot can happen to a vehicle in 3 months.  After 3 months, you need an oil change AND a VEHICLE SERVICE.


Our Premium Preventive Vehicle Service includes and oil change, oil filter change and lubrication of the steering and suspension of the vehicle as required, just like everyone else.  However, what makes us different is that we actually service the vehicle.  Here's a partial list of what we include:

  • Test drive the vehicle to see if there is something wrong that you have not noticed.
  • Make sure the horn works
  • Test the windshield washers and make sure the wipers work and don't smear
  • Make sure all of the exterior lights are working
  • Check for any Malfunction Indicator Lights that need attention
  • Check the transmission fluid for quantity and condition
  • Inflate and inspect the tires
  • Fill the brake fluid and test the brake fluid for excessive water content. (Brake fluid is hydrophilic, which means it absorbs water from the air, very slowly over time.  The water content should be less than 2%.)
  • Check the power steering fluid for quantity and condition
  • Check the coolant level
  • Test the coolant concentration
  • Inspect the coolant condition
  • Test the coolant pH.  (Coolant turns to acid when it get old.  Acid eats metal.)
  • Check the air filter
  • Check the crankcase breather filter (if equipped)
  • Inspect the belts for wear and proper tension
  • Inspect hoses for leaks and obvious condition problems
  • Inspect battery and cable connections
  • Inspect the differential for fluid level, condition and leaks


Modern engines have devices that use the oil pressure to operate them.

  • The hydraulic valve lifters fill with oil to take up slack in the valve train
  • Some timing chains are kept tight with an hydraulic tensioner
  • Some engine have mechanisms that adjust the relationship between the camshaft and crankshaft to improve the fuel efficiency and engine power.



If you think that the 3 month, 3,000 mile oil change interval is way too soon, consider this:

  1. Engines eventually wear out.  That's just a fact of life.  Fresh, clean motor oil minimizes engine wear. 
  2. The vehicle manufacturers pick an oil change interval that is virtually guaranteed to get you through the warranty period without problems.  Are you going to get rid of your vehicle after the warranty period?  I doubt it.  I'll bet you want to get through the warranty period PLUS a quarter million miles!
  3. For argument purposes, lets assume oil changes cost you about $25 each.  Also, lets assume that you change the motor one extra time a year.  Over 10 years, you've spent an additional $250.  Engines cost $5000.   


This is a picture of the inside of an engine that was using synthetic motor oil. The oil was changed per the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.  After only 86,000 miles, this engine is DONE!  But that's ok.  This is a BMW engine so I'm sure the owner has lots of money.






So, after reading this, if you still think that it's a good idea to get your oil changes at wherever, go for it.  Otherwise, bring your vehicle to Clearview Tire & Auto Service for a correct diagnosis and professional guaranteed repairs which includes our Certified Auto Repair Nationwide Warranty.  We're in Hopkinsville, not far from Ft. Campbell and we've been here since 1952. Most repairs include one year FREE towing and roadside assistance, good 24/7 coast-to-coast.

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