Heater and Heater Core

If your vehicle has poor heat, little heat or no heat, you have heater problems.


The heater core is a small radiator that heats the air entering the passenger compartment to provide heat.  Because of their size, heater cores can plug up easily from dirty coolant.  A leaking heater core will cause the inside of the windshield to steam up.  Another sure sign that the heater core is leaking is the smell.  The coolant smells icky sweet.  Coolant is toxic and the vapors should not be inhaled.


An electric motor ( blower motor ) drives a fan ( blower ) which forces air through the heater core and into the passenger compartment.  If your vehicle has little, poor or no heat, IT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU NEED A NEW HEATER CORE.  If the heater core is clogged up, it can sometimes be unclogged.  Sometime the lack of heat can be caused by other things, including a malfunction in the Air Conditioning System.


If you have heater or heater core problems, bring your vehicle to Clearview Tire & Auto Service for a correct diagnosis and professional guaranteed repairs which includes our Certified Auto Repair Nationwide Warranty.  We're in Hopkinsville, not far from Ft. Campbell and we've been here since 1952. Most repairs include one year FREE towing and roadside assistance, good 24/7 coast-to-coast. 

See Cooling System Repair and Maintenence for more information.

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