Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection


So you found this really nice, affordable used vehicle and you're thinking of buying it.  It looks ok but is it in perfect order or are you going to have to spend big bucks to get it into shape?


For less than $40, we can help.  We will perform our Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection.  We'll look for hidden collision damage, fluid condition, lack of maintenance, Mickey Mouse repairs ( sorry Walt! ), things that don't work and thinks that must be fixed.  And let's face it.   If the previous owner knew he was going to trade off the vehicle, he probably let the maintenance go.


We can't tell you to buy the vehicle but we will advise against buying it if we smell lemons.  So, if you're thinking of buying a used vehicle and want someone to give you an honest opinion and knowlegeable recommendation, bring your vehicle to Clearview Tire & Auto Service.


And if you decide to buy that vehicle, we can bring it up to snuff.  We do diagnostics, electronics, air conditiong, brakes, front end alignment, factory scheduled maintenance, or anything else your vehicle may need.  Bring that used vehicle back to us for a correct diagnosis and professional guaranteed repairs which includes our Certified Auto Repair Nationwide Warranty.  We're in Hopkinsville, not far from Ft. Campbell and we've been here since 1952. Most repairs include one year FREE towing and roadside assistance, good 24/7 coast-to-coast.

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